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Category: Incest Stories

Author: ann nonn

Marie's door wasn't closed when I went past. She was on her bed, naked,
holding her pussy open with two fingers and a mirror in the other hand.

“Lose something?” I laughed.

She looked up and covered her pussy with her hand. “I'm trying to see what my
the inside of my pussy looks like.”

“Want me to check for you?”

“You horny fucker, you just wanna see my pussy up close. But yeah, come ahead.”

I couldn't believe my luck. Marie's eighteen, two years older than me, and
ever since I found out girls were different than boys I'd been trying to sneak
peeks at her. I did manage to get a glimpse of one of her boobs one time, but
that was all. Now she's letting me see everything she has, up close.

She laid back, her legs held high and spread wide apart. I held her pussy
open and looked. She was all pink and shiny inside, and dripping wet. I spotted
her clit near the top of the slit, real tiny and nearly completely hidden.

“Damn, your cunt smell good, Sis!”

“Don't call it that! I hate that word! I don't mind twat, or even snatch, but
cunt? Shit!”

“Sorry, I just meant I like how your pussy smells.”

“Thanks, I try to keep it clean. You really think it smells good?”

“Yeah, it sure does. Hey, this's your clit, ain't it?” I touched it and she

“Whoa! I felt that all over!”

“How about this?” I did something I'd never done with a girl before, I touched
her clit with my tongue. She really jumped that time and gave a squeal.

“Jesus Christ, Davy, you crazy?”

She stuck her hand between he legs, but not to stop me. She held her pussy
wide open for me, so I licked her clit again and she sighed. I slid a finger
inside and felt her pussy contract around it.

“Move your hand, Marie, I wanna lick you some more.”

She did, and I did. Like I said, I never ate pussy before but some instinct
showed me what she'd like best. I used my tongue like a prick and reached up to
squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples. Jesus, I think her snatch was addictive
or something. The more I licked it the more I wanted to. In just a few minutes
Marie was squirming and moaning. Then all of a sudden she squeaked, “Oh fuck,
Davy, I'm cumming!!”

I shoved my tongue in as far as I could stretch it, far enough to feel her
pussy contractions around the tip. I'd read about women cumming, but never knew
one who did and figured it was a lot of bullshit. But Marie proved I was wrong.

“Whew, Davy, that was the best cum I ever had! From now on you can eat me any
time you want to. And you can call my pussy a cunt or anything else. Wow!”

I stood up and she saw the bulge in my pants.

“Aw shit, Davy, I forgot you're horny, too. We can fuck if you have some

I ran to my room, stripped and got a rubber out of my wallet and ran back.
Marie took the rubber from me and rolled it down my shaft. I hate using rubbers
but Marie's twat's so fine it felt like I didn't have it on. The only problem
was I got so hot eating her I didn't last very long fucking. When I started
cumming I spurted so much jizm I got scared the rubber might bust. Later, when
Marie took it off, she laughed.

“Jesus, Davy, you shot enough to knock up half the women in China!”

“That's 'cause I haven't had a piece of ass in a couple of weeks.” I gave he
a kiss and fingered her pussy. “And this one was so good I won't need another
for another couple of weeks.”

For the next couple of weeks I got to eat Marie's pussy and fuck her whenever
I could get a rubber. Once when I couldn't get one she sucked my cock, but made
me promise I wouldn't cum in her mouth. After I ate her last night she asked me
if I'd like to fuck without a rubber.

“God damn right! What happened, you go on the pill?”

“Wait here.” she got up and left. I couldn't figure out what she had in mind,
Did she somehow get Mom to let her go on the pill?

I found out a minute late when Mom came into my room. I thought sure as hell
me and Maria were in a world of shit, so scared my prick went soft in a hurry.
But Mom was in her robe, and she let it fall open.

“Am I that old and wrinkled that you can't stay hard?”

I won't lie, Mom is kind of old, forty-six, and a little wrinkled, her tits
aren't near as round and firm as Marie's, she has some stretch marks on her
belly and her muff has some grey hairs mixed in with the black but standing
there with her robe wide open I didn't pay any attention. She wasn't goin' to
chew my ass out dressed like that. When I swallowed my heart and got my breath
back I mumbled, “Hell, no, you just scared the shit out of me.”

“Marie says you don't like condoms. I don't either, so let's make one another

She dropped her robe and got in bed with me, and when she took hold of my
prick it got hard in a flash.

“That's better. Now show me what you can do with it.”

One thing I could do was slip it in her cunt. I was really surprise to find
out how snug she was, I expected her to be loose. I don't know why, maybe 'cause
she's so old. But Mom's pussy felt even better than Marie's 'cause there was no
rubber around my prick.

Mom like it, too. The whole time we fucked and french kissed she mumbled into my
mouth, “Mmm, mmhmm, mmhmm.” And two seconds before I spurted my first shot of
jizm into her pussy she moaned, “Oh, God, I'm cumming!!” and we finished off
together in a blast of mental fireworks.

I rolled off and we laid side by side, relaxed and letting our panting slow
down. Marie came in with a towel and wiped Mom's pussy and my prick, then joined
us with me in the middle. And that's how we slept, the three of us crowded
together in my bed.

The house was full of laughing this morning, all of us kissing and groping
one another, sharing the bathroom and not getting dressed until after breakfast.
Mom said she'd work out a schedule for us to take turns spending the nights
together and that she'd make an appointment with her gynecologist to get Marie
and IUD or on the pill. That's when I found out that Mom and Marie had been
eating one another for nearly a week.

They didn't want me to write this story until I promised to not to use real
names or photos. But mom did say that maybe later on we could post some pictures
or movies, as long as our faces were hidden.

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